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Agree. An MBA is simply a step and shows that you can complete a course of education. It won't necessarily make you a great business leader. MBA courses are money makers for universities, thats why they are advertised so heavily. You need a good formal education, but it doesn't have to be an MBA - do something different. It might make you a more interesting person. Outside of the US, having an MBA does not rank terribly highly in hiring decisions. Very few people at my firm (of over 20,000 in this country) has an MBA. For us a CPA is more important. Does the cost / benefit weight up? Maybe in the first few years, but once you have 10 to 15 years experience under your belt, showing what you can do is more important than the bit of paper.
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Agree with the points set out above. Your bit on the side should be just that - a secondary income to your main job. It should be your passion, not a chore. Also, if you really enjoy your main job, then you will probably want to give it your all in any case. If you don't enjoy it that much, then find something you do enjoy. I work as a senior member of a public practice accounting firm and the hours can be extremely variable. I blog around that time by writing at lunch time (by actually writing in a real notebook, with a real pen) and at night for an hour or so after the kids are asleep. This means that sometimes I miss a few days on my blog - but so be it. My blog is my hobby, not my life.
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I thought the NYT times article was really interesting.
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Dec 4, 2010