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In reply to Tim: He (Dawkins) doesn't 'refuse to admit' the existence of a magical creator he just points out that there's no reason to think that there is such a thing. There's lots of evidence to different potential physical routes to the emergence of our universe from the void but no evidence to point to a deity with a magic wand. So, what is the rational conclusion from those statements? Admittedly it's not 'there is no magical creator' but equally, it's certainly not 'there must be a magical creator'. This is the thing about science, the thing that separates it from 'faith' a scientist will say 'as far as we can tell this is how it works' and if new evidence arises that same scientist will then say 'we were wrong about that, and it now seems...' On the other hand a faithologist will say 'this is how it is, because this is how it must be, because this is how our book says it is. It can never be different and we don't care what else you learn' Guess which one I think has the more chance of ending up closest to a genuine understanding of things, as they genuinely are. Dave J.
Hmm. Wonder why I'm signed in under an auto-generated hashkey rather than my username? Anyhow, I just wanted to add my commiserations and sympath over your inability to follow most of the rest of our species and find happiness, fulfillment and morality without allowing the tendrils of a centuries old society-conrol meme to inerweave your mentality. It's such a pity as you sound so pleasant and intelligent and you're missing out on intellectual development that's been imminent for most of a century now and has only been held up by the establishment's love of an easy control methodology, and its enablement by that establishment's control of the media. Shame, my sympaties. Hope you make the final step soon. Dave J.
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May 6, 2011