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"far more tyrannical" Well, we have yet to see whether the Muslim Brotherhood is more tyranical than Mubarak's military regime. The latter's sordid achievements would be hard to surpass. Moreover, the military junta is still the ruler of Egypt. And in Tunisia, the new government does NOT look worse than Bin Ali's regime. Far from it! There is also something to said against the liberal middle class who spearheaded the revolution: Not enough emphasis was put (by them) on changing the neo-liberal economic order which is, to a great extent, the cause of rising poverty in Egypt. The right to earn more than $2 a day is no less important than the right to free speech. The Muslim Brotherhood seems to have addressed welfare issues, even if it has never challenged the neo-liberal order.
Toggle Commented Jan 1, 2012 on Too Much Democracy Too Soon at Foreign Dispatches
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Dec 31, 2011