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hairshirthedonist writes: >> When my wife and I visited London (way back) in '98, we took one of the bus tours on the first day to orient ourselves. When the guide told us that Les Miserables was playing at one of the big theatres, he pronounced it roughly as "layz mizzer-a-bulls." I can't imagine anyone I know in the US mangling it that badly, at least not if they had heard it pronounced reasonably correctly at some point, which I have to assume the tour guide had. Funny stuff. << Yup. I have friends who can speak perfectly serviceable French and do so when in France, who, decide to pronounce the show as you describe. It makes a change from calling it "The Glums", which was its original nickname. Anyone who pronounces "mate" as "china" is always going be a little liberal with the old consonants and vowels. I have never, btw, heard Barack Obama's name pronounced "bear-ick" Obama in the UK. - but I *have*, regrettably, often heard it pronounced as Barrack Obama, with the stress on the first syllable. As for US pronunciation of French being more conservative than UK pronunciation, well, we would have only one way of saying St. Louis, and it wouldn't sound the S on the end.
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