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Thank you to all who have commented. It does indeed open up a whole new world when you take the same three cards, and read them in different orders. Whole new stories emerge! There may well be other blog posts that touch on this subject. It would be interesting to see how they differ from my approach to this subject. Blessings, Bonnie
The seed energy could not be better than the Ace of Coins. Two things are going on here - the Seeker is being given an opportunity to move into a new cycle that brings together the body/mind/spirit, grounded by earth, and they will receive recognition for the work they are doing. The action that the Seeker needs to take is that of nurturing their business, and listening to their intuition as to further actions they can take. Again, the Seeker is bring recognized for the work they are doing. The outcome is that the work they have put in will not only bring them recognition, but will bring them in new business opportunities.
Toggle Commented Apr 12, 2012 on Ask The Readers at Fool Stop Tarot Blog
Christine - I do hope that people take advantage of your wonderful icon, and work with the Tarot of the Holy Light. The icon makes it all come alive! Blessings, Bonnie
Christine - Lots to think about here! Nice connection with the oracle cards. I do have the "72 Names" cards, and plan to set aside time to work with them in connection with the "Tarot of the Holy Light". (Thank you for adding the link to my review of the "72 Names" cards.) BTW - Downloaded the Etteila info from Aeclectic - thank you for the heads up! I hadn't gotten tot he forum yet! Blessings, Bonnie
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Jan 23, 2012