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Please don't be misled, the GOP party's top down political apparatus picks their goldenboy candidate before any election cycle, and, insures that all party-connected business leaders and currently in office party favorites quickly get behind their lapdog. As an independent voter I have lost interest in voting this year due the blatant top down interference and meddling with the outcome of each state's primary results. They primarily fund, back, and in person support at campaign events, TV and radio shows for Romney-Bain...leaving our various voter supported candidates [whom gain more collective votes than he does] to fend for themselves. In no way is that democracy in action, that is top down election manipulation sadly similar to that which occurs in China, Russia, North Korea, Syria and Iran. As a veteran, I didn't defend the right of "the machine" to abuse the alleged democratic election processes in this unethical immoral manner. Romney-Bain is a flip-flopping out of touch born with a silver boot in his mouth lowest tax rate paying elitist multimillionaire vulture capitalist
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Jan 28, 2012