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Hi Paul: Life certainly goes by too quickly and only seems to speed up the older we get! I recently turned 53 and also have the luxury of living a life dictated by what I believe is right and without regard to the implications of pissing the wrong people off. I agree with your assessment that personal attacks have no place in debates and that most people are inherently good at their core. However, what this CRM ecosystem is entirely missing is open debate on detailed topics. Debates at the level that provide actionable insights for technology purchasers just don’t happen that often. Vendors are afraid of questioning analysts, analysts rarely question other analysts and vendors (like politicians) want to stay on carefully crafted marketing scripts rather than getting into the weeds and debating detailed issues that have material value to purchasers. Yes, this may be one of those generalizations you referred to, but variances from this described pattern of behavior are few and far between. Someday the Web will tear down this contrived and grossly inefficient ecosystem that could provide so much more value to technology purchasers and less to marketing that does not provide complete truths. I hope that I am alive to see it and will keep rocking the boat until I do! Best, Chuck CEO, FuzeDigital
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Jan 31, 2012