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1) imho searching for an american brunch or buying the ingredients for scrambled eggs and pancakes would be silly. If you go on a trip here in Italy there would be really no point in "evading" to try our food habits and wanting to eat just like at home 2) you can drink a coffee whenever you feel the urge to 3) it's true that is our custom to not drink milk after a main meal, but there's no fanciful excuse for it (: it's just a "pointless" custom I often find myself drinking a cappuccino (coffee+milk foam) around 6pm 4) i'm sure any waiter would bring you a cup of olive oil/vinegar without any problems 6) what's the freakin' point of putting parmigiano on a pizza? Parmigiano is a pasta condiment. You'll get a strange face also if you ask for some pepper to put on your coca-cola, or some chocolate to put in your cheeseburger 8) seriously, have you ever been in Italy? xD It's the first time i hear something like that 9) some people drink tap water, some people prefer bottled water, like in any other part of the planet 10) you can eat on the go whatever you want man (°: seriously, did someone look at you whith disgust because you were eating a sandwich? Where did this happen?
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Feb 3, 2012