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Michael: It is the Bears. Usually football season in our house starts when the Cubs are mathematically eliminated. I think that was in May this year! Steve Frisch can likely relate. You are also correct about "change in self = change in others." Much similar to be the change you want to see. For my part, I have a sharp tongue and am very blunt...and therefore sharp fingers when I type. My wife calls it brutal honesty (sometimes with emphasis on the brutal). It is difficult to not respond in-kind for outrageous statements which are made about yourself - enter the human frailty and the "wisdom." It helps to sit down and have a cup of Joe with the commenters. getting to know eachother helps take off the edge.
I too have vented in a way that "betrays my human frailties." Serenity prayer, my man. "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; the courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference." As much as we may try, we cannot change others. Sometimes people need to do some personal reflection and change themselves.
Including Mr. Pelline, there are seven voices commenting on his post that could write and submt a well-written and thoughtful article to The Union in support of Pres. Obama’s policies and ideology. I am pretty sure that The Union would print it. Rebane writes: “Public information will come through a new media-government cooperative whose administrators will be the final arbiters of fair and balanced delivery of news and opinions.” Isn’t that what is kind of going on here? Bullying The Union in order to restrict speech? Clearly, George’s views are George’s…as much as Amy Goodman’s views are her own. They are not The Union’s. Instead of bullying and attacking George personally, maybe theyyou all should debate the merits (or lack thereof) of his article.
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Dr. Rebane: Frisch also accused me of being a racist for running against another candidate who is not white. Racism is the new, last refuge of a scoundrel...but also a clear sign of desperation and lack of a substantive argument.
I thought that it was great and logically outlined. As I said, I look forward to hearing Ben's comments on corporatism.
Let's be very clear George. Jeff Pelline is not trying to provide balance. He is bullying The Union and KVMR and you through intimidation. It is his way.
Very nicely written Mr. McDaniel. When I read your analysis about corporatism, I could not help but think that Ben Emery may be in fundamental agreement with you. You did not mention it in the article, but I inferred that safety nets for corporations are equally wrong. Let's be clear...I have not yet met a conservative that believes that all of the safety nets should be removed. The public safety nets must be paired down to a reasonable level. 70% of federal spending is far too much and invites rampant fraud. I look forward to this discussion that will likely follow.
Crabb: I had a conversation with Jeff Ackerman before he left in which he indicated that our local left are far more likely to demand the silencing of opinion in the community. He based this opinion on the calls received in connection with letters to the editor. The left would demand that conservative opinions not be published for a variety of reasons. Also to Mr. have provided not a single instance of a conservative organization trying to "shut-down" a news does not equate to silencing. The goal of Media Matters is to shut-down Foxnews while the goal of Media Research Center is to shine a light upon (or as Ben put it "debunk") other news organizations. Media Matters seeks to lessen speech while Media Research Center provides more speech. You must agee that more speech is better than less speech.
Wow! Nice statistics Gregory, and they prove my point. Look at Hannity and NPR. They are almost tied overall with Hannity viewers doing better domestically and NPR views doing better internationally. It is sad that CBS/Couric viewers are tied with the National Enquirer readers. They used to be great. Surprisingly Hardball viewers did well overall.
Ben Emery: That is a great article on NPR and illustrates the strengths of NPR versus Foxnews (and MSNBC). It makes total sense, as the questions asked of the people dealt exclusively with international current events. NPR does great work internationally - far better than Foxnews, CNN, and most others (except maybe BBC). So, NPR listeners will learn more about international current events than those that watch Foxnews (or MSNBC). On the other hand, Foxnews focuses primarily on domestic events. I would bet that a viewer of Foxnews would be far better at explaining BOTH sides of a domestic issue rather than an NPR listener. While NPR is great at international events, you must concede that their domestic coverage is highly biased to the left. Foxnews does a good job of presenting both sides.
"And your use of 'frame' and 'framing' for every notion offered here does away with the semantic used by Lakoff, which is the same semantic used in my post for constructing the ideological summaries for progressives and conservatives. Again, debate is impossible because you put words in other people's mouths and then attack them for it." Hear, hear, George.
This post (and Frisch's non-response) aptly demonstrates the issue. We are starting with vastly different foundational ideas for the role of government. The left generally believes in collective responsibility (if I fail it is because I was not getting enough help from the collective). The right generally believes in personal/individual responsibility (if I fail, I have nobody to blame but myself). As such, it is very difficult at times to find common ground. Healthcare? Unknown common ground Energy? Too much radical environmentalism (see above) to find common ground Transportation? Did not really know that there was no common ground (we need roads) Immigration? Too much politics related to the left wanting illegals to vote in order to win elections to find common ground
I am a third of the way finished with Part One. Awesome. I cannot wait to get back to finish.
DougK: What happened to the sign?
Lassen County is debt free, operating under a balanced budget and have established a CalPers trust fund to fund the county's portion of post employment benefits. I am told that Nate Beason asked a candidate for Assembly to stop telling Nevada County residents that Lassen is debt-free, because the facts about Lassen were making Beason look bad.
Quote from Maggie: "Ohhhh, she is so pretty!" Happy Mothers' Day...especially to Ellen and Joann!
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Great article George. "A recent (1apr12) WSJ article reports that 'Stockton admitted that its biggest problem has been a lack of transparency resulting in a host of ‘hidden costs’ in labor agreements for ‘obligations that are often difficult for citizens to identify or understand.’" Below is an article from the Bee from March 18th about which I did not have time to write. "Local cities, counties and special districts can't shrug off the payments and hope the economy will improve, bolstering the investments that pension funds rely on; instead, they're mandated by law to start fixing the problem." I guess the solution from our local left (much the same as their solution for our national woes) is to put our collective heads in the sand.
Happy Easter my friend!
Toggle Commented Apr 8, 2012 on HE IS RISEN! at Rebane's Ruminations
Doug: Your comment is evidence which proves the point of the article. "The University of Virginia’s research indicates that the progressive is doubly frustrated here – he not only cannot follow our reasoning, but is also saddled with a less reliable ‘black box’ model of our deliberations on social issues."
Doug: We are a part of the whole. Further, I can choose to not be "coerced" or influenced" by corporations. I have no free will in the matter of whether or not the government will "punish" or "control" me...unless we have a constiutionally limited government. Government is far more coercive and their control is far worse than corporate "attempts" at control. If you really want to take power from the ruling class, take the money out of the federal budget. If Congress had three dollars to give out, nobody would seek to influence the representatives. Cause and effect my man - and it starts with the money. Also, I take it from your non-response that you are also part of the "ruling class."
Toggle Commented Mar 30, 2012 on As SCOTUS tackles Obamacare at Rebane's Ruminations
Doug: Have you ever contributed to a political campaign? Also, do you own any shares in any corporation? If so, this chart labels you as the "ruling class."
Toggle Commented Mar 30, 2012 on As SCOTUS tackles Obamacare at Rebane's Ruminations
Hey Michael. When you compare Dred Scott to PPACA you are comparing apples and oranges. Dred Scott was a horrible Fifth Amendment case, and PPACA is a commerce clause case. Dred Scott was a terrible decision which could be termed as a "constitutiuonal injustice". You are advocating an "unconstitutional justice." Either way it is wrong. Further, "justice" presupposes a natural right. Dred Scott was owed a right and was wrongfully denied. Healthcare is a privilege...not a right. Apples and oranges.
Toggle Commented Mar 29, 2012 on As SCOTUS tackles Obamacare at Rebane's Ruminations
Michael said, "So, by just reviewing PPACA under the law, it is probably unconstitutional. But I support it nonetheless, because in this case I favor justice over the rule of law." If PPACA is unconstitutional, then the analysis ends. Justice and constitutionality must be tied together for we cannot have unconstitutional justice. Unconstitutional justice would mean that the police could search you on the street without probable cause. If you are in possession of contraband, you go to jail. Justice was done, but it is unconstitutional. I would prefer not to tread on such a slippery slope. If Congress wants health insurance for all, then Congress needs to enact Medicare for all (single payer) and tax the population. It is constitutional, but thankfully, there is no general political will to do it.
Toggle Commented Mar 28, 2012 on As SCOTUS tackles Obamacare at Rebane's Ruminations
Nice article! Thank you.
Last week, Lassen County funded all of their unfunded liabilities. They took their tobacco money and other funds and solved the problem. With a population of almost 35,000 and slightly over 400 employees, Lassen County’s unfunded portion was $6.7 million in 2009. Over three years, the Lassen board of supervisors worked hard and finally last week funded the liabilities. Nevada County has a population of 99,000 and county employees of over 750. In 2009, the amount of promised benefits in Nevada County was $248,063,046 minus the amount available to fulfill the promises of $164,137,323 created an unfunded liability in Nevada County of $83,925,723. Note: This math was reviewed in September 2009 with Joe Christoffel from Nevada County and it only includes the MISC Employee Pension plan (it does not include the Public Safety Employee Pension plan). I am fearing a problem in Nevada County which leadership does not desire to solve. See alcoholics doing the 12 step program...step one is admitting that you have a problem. There is an $80 million problem, but they would rather deny its existence.