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The problem is that the Vita is a handheld designed for adults, when the traditional market for those is children. It costs too much and is too big to be used by children (they can't use that brilliant rear touchpad without holding with one hand and pointing with the other, and many women have the same problem), and it can't escape the "kid games" stigma (the Wii-inspired interface doesn't help) with older gamers. --Dave
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Something forgotten by both friends and foes of evolutionary behaviorism is that there seems to be a random factor in every genetically rooted behavior. No matter how clear the genetic link, it *never* expresses at a rate higher than 50%. Even in cases where the genetic component is clearly established, such as the studies of schizophrenia in twins, it's a coin-flip on whether that behavior will actually develop (your chances of developing schizophrenia are exactly half your closest consanguinity to someone who has schizophrenia, and that includes identical twins). There's no explanation for this rule at any level, it simply shows up so frequently as to suggest that it's a fundamental limit. Now, that's both encouraging and potentially dystopian. Encouraging in that it suggests that we are not simply hapless victims of our genes, dystopian in that it indicates that some fairly simple biochemical switching is occurring, and that switch may be subject to external control.... --Dave
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Have a physically separate area you go to work, that's either on a different floor or outside (shed, garage, RV). Have it understood that when you're "working" you're not available. Make everyone understand that just because you are physically more available, you're actually "working" and you shouldn't be expected to drop everything for errands, chores, or straightening out squabbles. As I say this, my 3 year old is insisting I help her with her train game on her LeapPad. But 3:30 (when she gets out of day care) to 5:30 (when mommy gets home) is her time, by arrangement. The main thing is getting everyone to take your work seriously, including you. It's just too damned *easy* to get sucked into the minute-to-minute of the house when you're in the middle of it (hence the need for a separated work space). --Dave
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Feb 7, 2012