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There is too much drama in the pro guide seen, just take a look at it the AMGA the USMGA, PCGI, PCIA, a lot of these groups are spin off of upset AMGA members. I have not been very happy about comments by AMGA members about the other organizations, and a get more of a feeling it was just personal attacks, and a lot of this repeated statements (they were never there). I have not been 100% happy with the training I have gotten from the AMGA, or responses on question comments or opinion from them. You had sound advice, about doing things for special group, but you got to remember this is a professional group; they are in it for the money. I am a member of the AMGA, but I would not recommend it to my friends. The cost benefit is just not there. The bad thing is the AMGA leadership is just to hung up on the European’s the AMGA leadership just has different goals, than most of the new members. I think AMGA should try having chapters, like the America Alpine Club. Get more local involvement, but they could risk losing central control and these split off groups could be regional. My back groups is from the volunteering 40 years with 4-H, BSA, SAR, fire departments, church, etc. I have only been involved in the professional guiding worlds about four years. Rick
Toggle Commented Feb 22, 2012 on Guiding the guides at RepMan
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Feb 22, 2012