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The Yale "The Early Middle Ages" course ukuelig mentioned is also available on iTunes
Agra-penis? LOL! Sorry. I am a child!
So many comments: Firstly, congratulations on the impending pitter-patter of little caligae! Good luck. Obviously, I'm sad that HoR is ending, I would have liked to hear your take on Justinian and Belisarius. But Romulus Augustulus is the most obvious place to end. A couple of questions: Are you sure Galla Placidia was the brother of an emperor? In what ways did the Roman Empire die when Maximinus Thrax overthrew Alexander Severus? All the best Finally, can anyone recommend another history podcast?
Toggle Commented Mar 26, 2012 on 173- The Broken Bow at The History of Rome
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Mar 26, 2012