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Robert it's like that old one which used to be regularly rolled out about the Surgeon General (or in other versions the British equivalent) supposedly pronouncing how he'd performed thousands of autopsies and never once come across anything resembling a soul. Setting aside the issue did he know (indeed does anyone) what a 'soul' looks like - if he didn't have the means then he also wouldn't've come across anything resembling infrared/ultraviolet or indeed subatomic particles either. If he thought 'God' resembled a little old man on a fluffy cloud he'd've probably struck out there too. Similarly I suggest Adam Lee's making the mistake of confusing the artist for the paintbrush - if the paintbrush's destroyed that doesn't mean the artist's dead. If during an internet debate with him my connection explodes that doesn't mean I cease to exist - I can 'reincarnate' back online via another connection. Ditto if all he can heard down his end of the phone's hideous hissing and crackles that doesn't mean I'm 'senile' or 'brain damaged': I may still be at my end more insightful and coherent than ever - it's simply he's unable to understand me.
Toggle Commented May 30, 2012 on Atheists and Neuroscience at Paranormalia
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Apr 5, 2012