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To read more about Obama's meddling with Kenya's internal politics, search the net for the NY Times piece (May 14, 2010), 'Kenyan Constitution Opens New Front in Culture Wars'. It quotes three U.S. congress members: “the Obama administration’s advocacy in support of Kenya’s proposed constitution may constitute a serious violation of the Siljander Amendment.” which prohibits the President from using U.S. taxpayers' money for matters relating to abortion.
Steve Peacock, editor, founder, Thank you for posting the article, truly a great contribution showing what the public would not otherwise know. But your post (04/16/2012 at 11:08 AM) as explanation for the editorial removal of "former home nation" also removes context pivotal to the story. Yes, you report the facts in the foreign expenditures using U.S. tax payer's money, but the editorial removal of context for the why's also removes the basis for why he perhaps spends U.S. peoples' money in a foreign nation. I'm assuming you're aware that Prime Minister of Kenya Raila Odingo is Obama's cousin, and that Obama has meddled with the internal ongoings of changing Kenya's constitution, and pressuring them to enact his ideas. These are facts which go a way to provide more context for your story. And as a writer, I'm sure you understand the importance of context to a story.
"NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: The reference to Kenya as "the former home nation" of President Obama has been removed. The Monitor acknowledges this lapse in judgment, and intends to more vigorously ensure the editorial integrity of this site." As an editor, you have to weigh the integrity of the content. The writer seemingly based the claim "home country" on the assumed father Obama Sr.'s homeland, thus Obama (Jr.) would naturally have the same place as the homeland. There's no way you can as an editor claim otherwise. Secondly, no governmental authority nor this editor has received a certified copy of documents making any such fact where an origin of the man took place. Then, according to his book, Obama lived in Kenya, then Indonesia, and U.S.. So, all the former home nations are correct in that Obama was born under the British Nationality Act of 1948 a U.K.C. (United Kingdom Colony) citizen under his father's, then according to school records, a citizen of Indonesia, and we assume the same as he came to the U.S.. So all are correct, and thus the Editor's note of a lack of integrity is incorrect in judgement. Integrity as a defined word does not submit to political pressures, but is the opposite of that. For whatever reason, Obama (Jr.) has decided to pour money into Kenya for whatever reason. Perhaps he does feel influenced to help out his former home nation. It would be reasonable, and given his natural citizenship through Brit Nat'l Act and father's condition, it is completely natural and editorially resourceful to include.
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Apr 16, 2012