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James, While you wait for the next version of Ronaldinho, this time with an American passport, think of what Wondo does bring to the table. Is he a holding target forward like Jozy? Of course not. He's the exact type of guy to play off a player like Jozy though. My first lineup for the MNT would be Jozy as target with Dempsey playing off him. But, if you move Dempsey to an attacking mid Wondo is the type of player that could work well there. He FINDS space when another player is CREATING the space. See? Players can compliment each other. He has a knack for being in the right place, attacking the ball and finishing. Has he done it for the MNT so far? No. But he's had very little playing time. Personally I'd love to see Jozy and Wondo up top with Dempsey in attacking mid during WC qualifying as most of the teams we play are going to sit back and hope to hold us scoreless. We need guys with a nose for the goal and Wondo has that more than anyone else I can think of outside of Dempsey.
Kettle, If you read my entire post I deal with several other things about the game that I consider to be whining from the RSL fans. I get how you're all upset at the call, but some of the comments here are incredibly myopic.
Notice I did not say it was a clear cut foul. But, if the ref called the foul he HAD to give the red card. Also, please see my other points.
And a forward is supposed to stay in front of the defender behind him in that situation. Like it or now, it's up to the defender to avoid the contact.
CMac, while Lenhart may be many things, a physical mutant is not one of them. Olave was behind him and his shoulder hit Lenhart in the back. Lenhart's shoulder is NOT in the middle of his back.
Olave was behind Lenhart. If you can't see that you are blind.
Reading all of these comments, I can't help but think that RSL stands for Really Sore Losers. Good grief. First, anyone saying that Olave was shoulder to shoulder with Lenhart needs a refresher anatomy course. He planted his shoulder in Lenhart's back at roughly the same time Lenhart tugged Olave's shorts. As the shorts are pretty loose, there is no way Lenhart pulled Olave into him to create the contact. Second,Lenhart did not want to go down to get a free kick outside the box with the RSL wall and keeper all set, he wanted the game winner. It was proven when Lenhart popped right up and took a shot. Your keeper was amazing, a one on one was a far better chance to get the winner than putting you another man down assuming the ref called it. Third, for those of you whining about the 6 minutes of stoppage time, get over yourselves. Your team was time wasting every chance you got after Beckerman scored the equalizer. Olave probably took over two minutes just to leave the pitch after the red card. I'm not blaming RSL for the tactic as I'd want the Earthquakes to do the same in that situation. Just pointing out there was a ton of time wasting. Fourth, those of you calling for Dawkins to get a red card need to open your freaking eyes and watch the replay again. Dawkins got your player with his heel, not any sort of sweeping motion or anything violent. Your player arched his back as if he'd just been shot, trying to bait the ref into giving a cheap yellow. Be grateful Dawkins got a yellow out of it, but it was nowhere near a red. Fifth and finally, RSL probably should have been down another player not long after Olave got the red anyway. Sabobrio, who already had a yellow, took a cheap shot and hit Ike Opara in the gut, sending him down writhing on the ground. It happened right in front of the section I was in. Should have been his second card and he'd have been out. Oh, and be careful what you all wish for in the next matchup. Earthquakes were without two starters injured the previous week agains NYRB. Also without our team captain who is a huge part of what we do. Also without Chavez who is a difference maker for us this year. Then add in that Lenhart and Gordon have had strained hamstrings which is why neither was in from the start.
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Apr 24, 2012