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Yeah I posted the video on youtube after the concert last night... Spent all day getting emails showing each comment someone left on my video. 95% hate.. not getting it. I've had over 36,000 views in less then 24 hours. I agree Nickelback isn't why I dished out too much money to go to the show last night.. I wanted to see Bush again after they reunited and Seether and My Darkest Days was a plus... planned on leaving a few songs into Nickelback.. but after each song they played my friend I were like a few more songs then we can leave. It wasn't horrible but I had a good time... I'm appreciative of all kinds of actual music and had fun at a rock concert in the Flyers house.. The fact that they came out to support the band is one thing... but I was feeling that they came out to give love to the fans... most of which were wearing Flyers Jerseys and t-shirts.. I think people need to relax and appreciate where the team is and the upside for years to come... its one concert and a really good one at that!!
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Apr 25, 2012