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Its frustrating to me that you don't examine the purpose of a university education, and hold ours against some ideal metric. As you more or less explicitly said, demonstrated preference dictates that our system is the best among the many of the world, but then you make the leap in declaring that it is therefore good. But logically, all that dictates is that it does an "excellent job" vis-à-vis all other educational systems, the grand majority of which are even more tightly controlled and financed by government than our own. To use an extreme but illustrative example, if every country on Earth killed their citizens, by law, at age 30, but we killed our citizens at 40, people would swamp this place. Doesn't mean we could defend our system as "good". Simply because something is "better" does not make it "good" and you seem to conflate the two here.
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Apr 30, 2012