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Mr. Duncan I've been on board since the Samnite wars. Over the years, I've dropped every podcast except yours. We've never met, but your voice is so familiar I'd recognize it anywhere, like an old friend. Though my undergrad degree is in Classics, I was pretty weak on everything after Marcus Aurelius. It was a pleasure to have you fill in the gaps for me. If you publish a CD or audiobook, I'll buy one for me, one for my son, and half a dozen more for half a dozen folks I know who would love it. I've not had a chance to make it on to one of THoR tours, so I hope those will resume after a while. Also, maybe we can tempt you to pick this up again, once the little one is in kindergarten. Seems like a long way off now, but it'll be gone in a flash. In the meantime, your priorities are in the right place. Oh, and get lots of sleep while you still can. Cheers, Ken Sibley
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Apr 30, 2012