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Eric, Would you also say that the homes of various Wall Street executives should be off limits? ZORN ANSWER-- yes
Eric, How exactly do you think change can be affected in today's world?? Civil disobedience is by definition.....disobedient!!! Change is always messy. Our institutions have become rigid and we have become compliant. We are comfortable (at least those of us who are comfortable) and frequently lack the will to even listen to the other side. It is hard to imagine the beginnings of the revolution that resulted in our new country over 200 years ago. Were the authorities as in control then as they are today? Certainly they didn't have cell phones and radios to keep in contact with each other, nor did the revolutionaries have Twitter and text messaging to communicate with each other. It is hard to conceive of our citizenry today getting to the point that they storm the citadels of power and remove those from office who have driven this country to the point of bankruptcy and failure to simply take care of its own people. Election day doesn't seem to be doing it when such a paltry number of citizens make the simple step of walking a few blocks to cast a vote. Apparently, we would rather don a mask, hoist a placard and try to get on local TV coverage. Every time I try to motivate a few brain cells to listen to some of the viewpoints of the protesters I nearly immediately get sidetracked by my anger for those who have come to Chicago to do nothing more than take advantage of a situation to wreak their personal havoc on our city and citizens. How do we get to the tipping point where those in control actually start to listen?? Great column today :)
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May 19, 2012