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Ah, Loren, Loren! You're intelligent enough to know that with great gifts come great problems. Some brilliant people are cursed with depression, for example. 'Tis far better to be a dyslexic than to be an etch-a-sketch. What do you call those of us who saw "Communism" but read "Capitalism"? Yes, you are far too hard on yourself. Don't chew on old wrongs and hurts. They cannot help you now. Just keep writing your superb analyses, and finish re-creating the burned book. No, i haven't returned to my writing yet. My ex- and his family are arriving on Monday, so i dare hope my Tacoma family will leave me alone for that week. Stay true to yourself, in all situations -- that's the Loren we love and read enthusiastically!
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Jun 10, 2012