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Halperin's "book" shows an attitude from a generation of gay men that is, thankfully, ready for the nursing home. Gay men broke away from those horrible stereotypes and learned behaviors a long, long time ago. Why did we break away? Because the stereotypes and affectations are no longer necessary. Gay is about genetics and sexual attraction, not what you're wearing, who your watching, where you're going or what you talk like. He posits (from his idiotic NY Times article): "And yet gay culture is not just a superficial affectation. It is an expression of difference through style — a way of carving out space for an alternate way of life. And that means carving out space in opposition to straight society." Gay people need to eschew this type of thinking. For one thing, Halperin's definition of gay culture is PURELY superficial, as any "style" would naturally be. As well, it defecates on the word "we" and desperately holds onto an "us vs. them" paranoid psychosis. As long as gay people keep this outdated attitude up, being gay will never be considered simply a variant-but-normal outcome of birth by society. I believe we can carve out our own space without it having to be in opposition. Halperin's entire positioning is nonsense and is reminiscent of the "separatist" thinking that many hardcore radical lesbians had in the 80s. Are we supposed to go backward and divide up into disparate groups again? This is idiocy.
Toggle Commented Aug 9, 2012 on How To Be Gay by David Halperin at Band of Thebes
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Aug 9, 2012