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Jim Amico, Just to set the record straight, do you think it is more dangerous to let your daughter get into a car or go outside to play in Rye at dusk?
Hey, I got this great idea. I'm a mosquito expert and run a big corporation like Clark Mosquito Control. If we just load up a bunch of crop dusters with a couple million gallons of a non-selective insecticide like Sevin or Perithrin we could spray (drown) all of Westchester County with insecticide and kill all those mosquito bastards. Don't worry, the fish life and all the other insects that will be killed are a small price to pay to kill a mosquito that hasn't killed a single human being in 2011 or 2012. Yeah, that's the ticket, that's why they pay me the big bucks to be a mosquito expert.
Mr. Tartaglione, So I guess we can blame the disappearance of the lobsters in LI Sound on Clark Mosquito Control? I always wondered what dumbass came up with the idea of spraying all of Westchester County with Perithrin from crop dusters. No wonder your board didn't let them speak. It would be very convenient for you and would fit nicely into your myopic view of the world if I was Mayor French's neighbor or another Hen Island shareholder but, I think you'd be surprised how many other people in Rye have caught on to your schtick.
Old_Rye, I read the Hen Island report on the According to the BOH only 4 cottages had mosquito larvae in their tanks which means only 4000 gallons on untreated water exist on Hen Island. Bob Schubert's pond has at leat 10 times that much and that is just one example. The problem with Mr. Tartaglione's argument is that he hasn't reached out to an entomologist to find out if it's possible that Hen Island is NOT the cause of the mosquito infestation. There's alot more land with hundreds of thousands of gallons of untreated water surrounding Hen Island and to blame 4000 gallons of water on Hen Island for Westchester's WNV outbreak is absolute moronic and totally disingenuous.
Mr. Tartaglione, The reason you forgot about the tide tedc mentioned is because tedc is lying. You guys can't keep your story straight. Remember when Bob Schubert told the Council that the only time salt water washed into his pond was on unusually high moon tides? Remember that? I'm sure you and tedc do remember that but that wouldn't be good in defense of your argument. Bob Schubert informed us about that a couple years back but that doesn't fit your narrative now. Remember when he said that the unusually high moon tides was no where near enough water to keep his pond full of water because of how infrequent it occurred? So now a constant trickle of fresh water flows into the pond, a perfect breeding ground for mosquitos. BTW, if you were such good friends with Mrs. Schubert and cared for her so much, why didn't you already advise her to put mosquito dunks in her pond BEFORE WNV showed up or did you just use the Schuberts for your own agenda and forgot to keep in touch?
Jim Amico, You too are in the auto body industry, are you not? Ever question how deadly and dangerous cars are while you put them back together after they've been involved in a crash ? I think someone in your line of work see mosre crashed cars then most. Why aren't you not outraged about the dangers of autos like you are about West Nile? How could anyone who works in the auto body business "have a knot in their gut" about WNV as they put their daughter IN A CAR to drive her to the doctors?
Tedc, No spin. According to yourself, a trickle of fresh water is constantly entering Shubert's Pond. According to the BOH a cup of untreated fresh water breeds thousands of mosquitos and I'm sure it's more than a trickle after one of the downpours we've experienced lately. So don't try and spin it. There is untreated standing water in Shubert's pond and right at ground zero of the 17 reported sites. I'm sure a walk down Forest Avenue at dusk on a nice hot,still humid day at dusk would be all the evidence I need. Mr. Tartaglione, The industry you chose to make a living kills one in 6000 people. All anyone has to do is think about how many people they personally know who have been killed in car accidents to prove my point. Everyone knows someone who has died from , or has been seriously injured by a car. I personally know at least 4 who have been killed and scores who have been hurt. As Peter Lynch once said, "the market is right in front of your face" and it is true with the market of death as it is with the stock market. Be truthful, do you know of anyone who has died or has been infected with WNV? I personally know of no one who has died from WNV or been infected by it and I know of no one who knows someone who has been infected by WNV. Stop the fear mongering and start acting like an adult.
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Aug 13, 2012