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Hello again Dr. Craig, I came across 2 other articles that are worth mentioning (if you hadn't done so already in your list and may like to consider adding them): 1) Cismaru M., Lavack A. M., Hadjistavropoulos H., and Dorsch K D. 2008. Understanding Health Behavior: An Integrated Model for Social Marketers. Social Marketing Quarterly, 14 (2), 2-32. 2) Brenkert G. G. 2002. Ethical Challenges of Social Marketing. Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, 21 (1), 14-25.
Hi Craig, This is a continuation of my earlier comment. The following are other articles that I referred to during my studies: 4) Svenkerud P. J. and Singhal A. 1998. Enhancing the Effectiveness of HIV/AIDS Prevention Programs Targeted to Unique Population Groups in Thailand: Lessons Learned from Applying Concepts of Diffusion of Innovation and Social Marketing. Journal of Health Communication, 3, 193-216. 5) Zaltman, G. 1970. Marketing Inferences in the Behavioral Sciences. The Journal of Marketing, 34(3), 27-32. 6) Samuels S. E. 1993. Project LEAN: Lessons Learned from a National Social Marketing Campaign. Public Health Reports, 108 (1), 45-53. 7) Plautz A., and Meekers D., 2007. Evaluation of the reach and impact of the 100% Jeune youth social marketing program in Cameroon: findings from three cross-sectional surveys. Reproductive Health, 4(1). The above-mentioned articles were very useful to me, and I thought it would add to your list in some manner. Regards, Aarti
Hello Craig, I've been following your blog for sometime now. I'm a lifetime student of social marketing and felt the need to comment on this blog entry. I think the following articles have been quite helpful to me during my studies: 1) Neiger B. L., Thackeray R., Barnes M. D., and McKenzie J. F 2003. Positioning Social Marketing as a Planning Process for Health Education. American Journal of Health Studies, 18 (2/3), 75-81. 2) Gordon R., McDermott L., Stead M., and Angus K. 2006. The effectiveness of social marketing interventions for health improvement: What’s the evidence? Journal of the Royal Institute of Public Health, 120, 1133-1139. 3) Stead M., Hastings G., and McDermott L. 2007. The meaning, effectiveness and future of social marketing. Obesity Reviews, 8 (1), 189-193. There are a couple of other articles that I wish to add to this list.Perhaps in my next comment.. Hope this helps for the meantime
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Dec 29, 2011