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It is 3:00 am and I got up to drink some water ( it is too hot in my house to sleep). Just happened to come across your blog and I loved, LOVED reading about your battle with weeds. I'm not a polished gardener by any means and often found myself frustrated, comparing my veggie beds with others as I drove by my small neighborhood in CO. No matter how much weeding took place, it was as if the little suckers kept taunting me with their rapid growth. At one point I also decided to see what would happen if I kept my toiling to a reasonable ( more like sane) rate. Surprisingly, my smaller plants are retaining a lot more moisture and the pesky bugs are not attacking them as much. I even had the opportunity to grow spinach this year! The grasshoppers could not get to them because they were growing under a mini blanket of weeds ( go figure). I am slowly embracing the thought that you do not have to have a perfect patch to grow awesome veggies. Nature's got my back.. she knows I'm hungry.
Your posts always bring joy and warmth to my heart. Thank you for sharing your everyday life with us ( and the amazing recipes!) I'm going to make the "Sour Cream Apple pie" real soon.
Toggle Commented Sep 24, 2013 on Fall Food at Posie Gets Cozy
Great googly moogly! Thanks for the opportunity! My favorite is the gathered clutch. Spoonflower name : cindymars7 Meep!!
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Cool beans!! Loving both the book and Rashida's fabric designs. Spoonflower name : cindymars7 Thanks!
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Simply beautiful. So glad you were able to find a place that suited you and your family. All the best and keep taking those gorgeous photos. They make my day!
Toggle Commented Jan 12, 2012 on an old house at tiny happy
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Jan 11, 2012