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Oh and one more thing . . . When I use my mac I feel like I'm using a superior quality product that is engineered to be the best cohesive product for users. . . not a product that is manufactured cheaply and hastily in order to compete with all the other fish in the sea.
Toggle Commented Jan 19, 2012 on Any Advice on a New Laptop? at Chez Larsson
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I vote Mac! You will have no regrets! I just bought my first mac for Christmas, a 15" macbook pro. I was worried to make the switch because I spent a LOT more money than I would have buying a PC. I must say every penny was worth it. The design, durability and engineering in the mac is way beyond what I have seen in PCs. For instance, the magsafe power adapter on the macbook is ingenious. I am a software engineer by day so unfortunately I still have to spend a LOT of time on a pc. I don't find it difficult at all to make the switch. I just find myself wishing that my pc was a mac! I will NEVER go back to a pc for my personal use, I am completely in love with my mac and sooooo happy that I made the switch. I have heard that mac outlives a pc anyway. I had a sony vaio in college that I loved, but it only lasted 3 years which I think is absolutely ridiculous! My last pc is a desktop and I've had it for a bit longer, but it's been hobbling along for the past year and a half. As far as photo editing software goes, iPhoto comes with the mac. It has some photo editing capabilities. You can buy apple's Aperture through the app store for $80 USD. It is very powerful photo editing and simpler to use than cs5. I would buy a Macbook with Aperture and use it for a couple months and then decide if you still need the power of cs5 or if Aperture meets all your needs. ( Go mac and never look back!
Toggle Commented Jan 19, 2012 on Any Advice on a New Laptop? at Chez Larsson
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Jan 18, 2012