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Really Drake? Common using a gimmick 2 sell records is reaching lol. 50 Cent is the poster boy 4 diss records & "Get Rich..." didn't sell all those records off his beef with Murder, Inc., "In The Club," & "Wanksta" & his true life story which involved street activivty did. The streets pay attention 2 the beef records but it doesn't sell your record. Drake realizes that he's fighting a battle he can't possibly win. Why, b/c Common has classic albums, original rhyme style, & social consciousness. All of which Drake lacks. Don't get me wrong though, Drake has enormous talent but C'mon son lol. A regular nigga might wife a girl off "Bad Girls Club," but a rich nigga lmao. Only lames do that & thats why u hear all these ho ass songs from this nigga b/c he be loving them hoes lmao.
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Jan 31, 2012