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I've wondered why Stainless Steel. I enjoy and promote Upstate and our Finger Lakes Wines to everyone I know. I like a wine with some character/bite - and I found some of the Stainless fermented wines in my very nearby Estate Winery's "155" label to be too flat, as opposed to the oaks. I've told them. The American and French Oak Chardonnays had more character. I know I just referenced Chardonnay, and the topic here is Reislings. I just finished reading "Summer in a Glass" and e-mailed Evan about it - he made me do something I never do - after getting to about p.147, I checked the reference index and jumped to the last chapter and STILL wasn't happy, so I started looking for answers - I thought I found it, but a certain other winery's most current event was from 2008, so I had to look further - until I finally found the answer to the gripping question in the first chapter AND the trailer I just saw. (I'm late to the party, but trying to make up for lost time. Congratulation, by the way! I hope you live here a very long time.) A significant part of learning about all of you, being captivated by your stories and your commitment to the part of the country I call home, was filling in a lot of blanks in my local viticulture knowledge, including that Reisling was King in our region, and that the vinifera varietals had become as entrenched as they have - and that today's wines are so far removed from the wines of 30 years ago. I "knew", BUT . . . Like many, as pointed out in the story, my palate has gone from the sweeter whites in my youth, toward Chardonnay and Cab-Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon, today. I was very pleasantly surprised by the character of the Reisling Ice Wine I bought this year - vs. the "regular" Vidal Ice Wine. They are sweet by definition but, while the Vidal is almost over the top for me, the Reisling, and it's older sibling in the Cabernet Franc Ice Wine, have more character, tooth to them, and the sweet is not overpowering. All of this is a long way round the horn to say that I need to rediscover Reisling, particularly after reading about the variations in the micro-climates, growing and fermenting techniques. It's clear that, even though I support NY and our Finger Lakes growers, I haven't explored anywhere near enough. And, I look forward to testing the Old Oak vs. the Stainless from the same Vineyards. Thank you all for everything you have done for all of us on your life's journey. We are all the richer for it.
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Jan 31, 2012