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So.........they money you save on the kids not growing and not needing new school clothes was the universe helping to provide for that orthodontist x 3! You Americans have the best teeth in the world - it'll be worth it. Yes expensive I have two with them now but worth it for those beautiful smiles. Frances, Sydney Australia
Through tears I write - how blessed your children have been that God chose you and Josh Downs to be their guides in life. And God if you can hear me, and I know you can, cut short that extra 9 days and bring this man home so he can be with his family! Fran Syd, Australia
If my fantastic photos could be 1 tenth of your all thumbs ones I'd be ever so grateful. Me, Fran - 'a facebook user' lol
That was me who said that....... I didn't realise if you logged in under facebook it called you facebook user! I'm Fran and You so Rock! Love reading your blog.
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Feb 5, 2012