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Perfect. this is all so perfect. i would even say it's beyond perfect--in THAT place. and so i was moved to open my own copy of WWRWW and read "It's not by accident that the pristine wilderness of our planet disappears as the understanding of our own inner wild nature fades." which speaks to me loud and clear. very instructive especially in light of my recent yet on-going angst over global defilement. and what i'm seeing is that i have not been tending the home fires with as much diligence as required. this is just wonderful. as i'm finishing this, a tiny spider is walking up the monitor, settling over Marti's comment. what more affirmation could there be? much love.
yay! i've already said it in email to you, but again--looking for the godthing. love that. and the crane cloth. so absolutely FULL of the wonder of it all. thank you for you.
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a test
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Dec 8, 2012
i love muslin--work with it almost exclusively--and i really resonate with old and faded. it's a good thing!
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WOW. woman of wonder. WOW. now i can only say this is beautiful--beauty full. the lines from the grass, the hair, the butterfly legs and then the threads --my eye is gliding around it all in delight. love this movement. and the colors of cloth are sublime. i don't want to speak in hyperbole, especially about the grieving cloth, but i'm feeling joy and movement here. she is definitely moving on.
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i'm remembering the first breeding we had. the doe was receptive but the buck was clueless as to which end was up. it started snowing and things really settled--sound was muffled--emotions were high. my sister started crying saying it all remind her of something out of Dr. Zhivago. i'm remembering now how freezing cold my hands were, the quiet, the white goats finally figuring it out--their pleasure and ours. btw, i have a blog now--
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this is all so good. goats/cloth as metaphor for life! and speaking of life, have you bred yet for spring births?
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Looking forward to this-- a LOT. will the other classes still be available?
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huge transition time for you--your mother, official retirement, aftermath of sandy--yet through it all the common denominator--your cloth. changing, yes, but always there as ground. when i first read this post, my heart leaped into my throat--retire--surely not from THIS--from teaching and sharing. was almost hesitant to continue reading, but did so w/relief. wondering about your comment "nothing changed my creative work more than having to sell it?" and love the madder moon.
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goats and people aren't too different now that i ponder your words. my grandson says no, goes off to think about it, then comes back and says, "ok let's do it." my agenda is not his. the goat's agenda--how lucky they are that you've figured this out. well, in fact how lucky you are!
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