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Brent, Thank you so much for presenting a truly rational perspective that is both factual and objective. The amount of vitriol hurled at anyone who tries to present a reasonable argument against BSL or mandatory Pit type Spay/Neuter laws by the DBO crowd is always amazing. The ignorance is certainly frightening. Recently I was reading a thread in which Tony Solesky defended his lawsuit in Maryland. He could only reference DBO stats and when confronted with facts he was reduced to making statements like "The AKC considers Pit bulls to be the dumbest of breeds" Apparently he was unaware that the AKC doesn't recognize a breed known as "Pit Bull" and that they don't necessarily rate breeds by a single intelligence quotient. Again thank you for this website and the work you do.
Better nature, I would agree that absolutely nothing is gained by calling this woman a slut. If nothing else it feeds the victim-hood mentality of pampered college students who believe they are entitled to everything including contraceptives. The truth is this was a set-up.. Rush took the bait and he should have known better . if you listened to her testimony in front of a "mock" Congressional hearing (orchestrated by Nancy P.) you could not help but find yourself laughing as she tried to describe the pain on women's faces from not being able to afford adequate contraceptives. Apparently they didn't have a problem with outrageous rising costs of tuition but paying $9.00 a month at Wal-Mart is just too much... The real question is whether a religious institution should be required to offer this despite it being in direct contrast to their beliefs and teachings. It certainly flies in the face of the First Amendment regarding "free exercise thereof". I realize that the left doesn't care much for the Constitution in fact our beloved and cherished POTUS considers it a hindrance. Regardless it still means something to most of us who care about this country... I think the whole debate is rather silly and find Ms. Fluke to be comical... I could really care less who she sleeps with... I just think she needs to step up and pay for it herself.... $
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Mar 10, 2012