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Where is our focus? What is our objective? We seem to be nit picking over insignificant points of individual character. Early on in the primaries, I felt an avid aversion to a particular candidate. I felt I absolutely would not vote for that individual if they were the republican nominee. I would “not” succumb until my eyes were opened to the bigger picture. If Obama nominates the next 3 Supreme Court Justices, our country will never be the same again. Regaining ground for our constitutional freedom will be near impossible. I realized then that whoever is the republican nominee, I will support. ANY candidate will better than the liberal left for that reason alone. Remember Ross Perrot the third party candidate people voted for on “principle”? He threw the election into Bill Clinton’s lap. A vote for a third party is a vote for Obama. Not voting is a vote for Obama. Let us rally around the nominee whoever he turns out to be and then focus on the house and senate. “A house divided cannot stand!”
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Apr 11, 2012