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Thank you for bringing this up, I thought I was the only one. We love making infographs of Pinterest growth rates and are bedazzled at what they could be worth but it's almost blasphemy to call them out on what's helping them get there. Step 1: We're not sure if we can invite you to our red carpet club of 20 million VIPs, but you'll find out in a few days. Step 2: You can only enter through social login and can only disconnect later (which states "We NEVER post without your permission" and it actually says it is to reduce spam) Step 3: People think you followed them and feel like they have a responsibility to keep Pinning, however this is just an automated "subscription notification" your new friend Arianna Pinterest. This tactic is going to be replicated over and over again but with less pretty and popular products that will immediately get slapped on the wrist.
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Apr 12, 2012