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In natural spontaneous fermentation there are several yeast strains at work so that even if a commercial strain is resident in the winery, if no sulfites are added at crush the first part of the fermentation will most likely be done by a native yeast. Fermentation is complex, the key here is not to add sulfites at all. AG
Salud, por un gran hombre.
Salud, dinero y amor!
Glad to hear you and your mom are OK Alice, Julia and I were completely impressed with the scope of the damage to NY and that still you came up with the newsletter, you are one amazing lady. Hope everything returns to normal ASP. Alberto.
Toggle Commented Nov 1, 2012 on The Rescue at The Feiring Line
The fact that Mr. Cuozzo doesn't like natural wines... "Making wine the 'natural' way usually yields a clunky product — at their worst, as rough-edged as the eerie, grape-based beverage my paternal grandfather and uncles once made in their Brooklyn back yards and cellars." and that he thinks "Two Buck Chuck is better than all of the Grand Cru Burgundy in the world, ever." That says it all.... AG
I think he's dancing, but what do I know...
Toggle Commented Apr 13, 2012 on A wine critic walks into a bar at The Feiring Line
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Apr 13, 2012