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My maternal grandmother had five sisters who were also like grandmothers to me. I didn't know my paternal grandmother so it was nice to have these extra, amazing women in my life. While they are all special, there is one Aunt who has a very, very special place in my heart, my Aunt Vera. Aunt Vera did not have children of her own but she taught 1st grade in the same school district for 43 years. She loved children! She rented a cottage on a lake every summer for many, many years. Every nice day she picked us up and took us for the day to the lake. She treated us to lunch before hand. We spent the day with her and often grilled dinner before we went home. We sang songs during the car trip. She also used to take me shopping. As a teen, she gave me some money and let me buy anything I'd like. As an adult, who went back to college, she would send me money for my birthday to put towards text books. Education was very important to her and she loved to help. She loved to be with us kids. Her and my uncle owned a local ice cream stand and she would often let us make our own treats (if there weren't any customers at the time). It was so much fun to go there in our pajamas and make treats. She was one of my biggest supporters. She passed away in 2005 - 4 months before I remarried. She was 84 years old. I miss her so incredibly much. I continue to think about her daily. Aunt Vera is one of my biggest inspirations! Cheryl Smith Hines
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I was just looking through older pictures last night as I needed to find some pictures of my daughter for the senior banquet slide show. In my search, I also found some older pictures from when I was younger, and they brought back so many memories! *memories of when my daughter used to love to entertain me by singing and dancing for me *memories of her friends in her elementary classrooms *memories of family members who have passed on and what they mean to me. Honestly, there were also some pictures that brought back unpleasant memories. While they hurt to think about, those moments have shaped who I am. I feel all types of these memories are worthy of scrapbooking. Someday someone might wonder how I used to think.
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