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Joyce Moyer Hostetter
I write historical novels for young people. (Blue, Comfort, Healing Water)
Interests: Digging. ( In the dirt. And also in history.) I love used things.
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Terrific idea! And yes, dazzling, awesome, and fun. I want to be in the audience! I want my visits to be that much fun.
wow! That's quite a story about the purse and book. I love the idea of creating a fun experience for your readers - also the Facebook giveway is good too.
Wow! Barbara what a cool connection between you and Frozen! I haven't seen the movie. (Yeah, I know that's lame.) But I have grandchildren so I know I will eventually. And I'll read your book to them too!
I love fresh figs! Also love finding those connections in stories.
I do like the idea of reading a novel the second time - especially doing so close to the time of the first reading. And yet, I am so far behind in my reading that I really don't do this. Code Name Verity sounds like a book I could learn from though. And Navigating Early does too.
That's exciting, Tina. Congrats to you and to all those kids who'll get to read your book.
Wow! It's nice to know how "simple" this is. Wonder how deeply I'd have to dig to retrieve my old file of OP novel. Congrats Barbara Jean, on your success in doing this and thanks a bunch for providing instructions.
Congrats, Tina! I'm so glad it's going well for you! I'm going to link this on Facbook, now!
I am struggling with this right now. Am trying to return to stream of consciousness writing. Thanks for the reminder.
Thanks! Will definitely keep that in mind.
Barbara, I can totally relate to this. I lost my mom this year and during those last 9 months, I gave her some of my best writing energy/hours. But I miss that opportunity now. Cherish the moments and use them in your writing. This is feeding your artist self in some way. I am quite certain of that. As for practices I've let go - a few minutes of gardening everyday. Being outside (even just to pull a few weeds) nurtures my artist side and improves my sense of well-being. I'm being intentional about that! I hate you will miss the Highlights event. That would also have nurtured you.
Congratulations on the great review, Tina! I'm eager to get my hands on this book.
I am also reading verse novels more closely these days since I am writing one. Haven't read all these, but now I am intrigued. 1. Seeing Emily - by Joyce Lee Wong 2. The Apprentice's Masterpiece by Melanie Little 3. Loose Threads by Lorie Ann Grover 4. What My Mother Doesn't Know by Sonya Sones 5. Out of the Dust by Karen Hesse Would love to have a signed copy of The Secret Life of Walter Kitty.
The poem really does explain it all. Fabulous self-awareness!
"and when it gets quiet, listen some more." So good. So wise.
"...and when it gets quiet, listen some more." So good! So wise.
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Apr 24, 2012