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"just [acknowledging that] we got the job done."... yeah. Listen people, the majority of high ranking diplomats, bureaucrats and politicians (Local, State and Fed) simply do NOTHING of what the average person does. The do not balance a check book, shop for food, drive themselves places, keep house, maintain a yard, cook or perhaps even know how to cook, pay their own bills or keep track of their agenda and appointments... yes, there are exceptions but few. And so the idea of ANY of them undertaking a harrowing task such as combat or more specifically a nearly impossible task such as taking out OBL is ludicrous! They can barely tie their own ties never mind maintain the personal discipline to train for and execute missions. Go way back to the Founders and you will find people who had jobs, kept their own accounts and maintained their farms or businesses "AND" were also part time politicians because they recognized that importance... they entered into the Revolutionary War and all suffered loss! All! Down through history the number of 'politicians' who heeded the call to arms became less and less and now the likes of Obama, Clinton, the State Department drones (not the dangerous flying type) and their aids and accomplices WOULD soil their pants in the face of danger. I give Bush I a solid A for his exploits in WWII and there are a few men and women who have seen the elephant but not enough. I doubt we will return to the time when leaders went up front to 'be real leaders' but we better take back the White House or start to say 'Comrade.'
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Apr 30, 2012