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Carolyn R
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"Patchouli-scented locusts" might be my most favoritest NATO Panic-inspired catchphrase ever. It also applies to 99% of Lollapalooza attendees so we're ahead of the game for August, too. My company is clinging to the Open At All Costs doctrine so I am inclined to put on my boyfriend's Roger Clyne as Che shirt on Monday to ahem, "blend in" as we have been told to do whilst commuting. Which is how I found your blog, by the way. You are the only site I could find on the whole of the internets with a picture of that shirt. My co-worker was actually joking about us all wearing Che shirts on Monday and I told her I would only wear one of Roger as Che which I felt needed photographic illustration. So, thanks for that and the catchphrase. I owe you one. -- Carolyn
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May 18, 2012