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Tim. I'm glad you like the building too, but if you like the building, then I don't get why you want to suggest ruining what makes the building great in the first place. It seems you need to move on and get with where we are. The MARC is dead and will stay dead because it is was at odds with the historic character of the building. Fortunately, National Park Service and SHPO realized and agreed that the bowl and other key parts of the Coliseum were key to its success as a historic structure. Many City leaders agreed with this as well. The reason nothing is happening is because of leadership issues - task force-itis. A responsible rejuvenation in a realistic budget, coupled with 30% housing set aside and partnering with the Winterhawks and others, is the way to get this project moving and create jobs now. The Blazers issue can be reworked into a new deal that works better for the community and building, so we don't get all this deferred maintenance piled up on us again. The building is already used a lot, and a refurbished building will be used even more - pushing it well into the black. Memorial Coliseum is protected and will stay protected until a plan that respects the historic character of the Coliseum and rejuvenates it into a mid-century nationally recognized masterpiece comes forward. It's not that complicated. So, I'm glad Brian has not moved on, because it will take on-going effort to preserve this masterpiece from people who continue to want to wreck it, as your post confirms.
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Jun 10, 2011