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@ josh your comparing a Regular Cab to a Crewcabs really. 2016 f150 crewcab 3.5 eco run 5.6 0-60 , 2016 5.0 crewcab run 6.0 0-60 . run a regular cab 3.5 eco or 5.0 and see the 0-60 . now the new 10 speed comes out its even faster also HP/TQ across the board are going up :). that 5.7 0-60 on the raptor is conservative . better launch and its high 4's . hemi lol tundra is a fat pig period . SC it you get little faster 504/550 . Basic SC the 5.0 600hp + to 700hp . you have to build your motor to get 600hp .
@ hemi lol I am going to post many videos of the 11-14 whipping your SC tundra ..... thats the heavier F150 SC .... I figured even if the 15 was crewcab the tundra would own it but nope .... hemi V8 your so LAME .... 3.3 million chrysler junk RECALLED ....
@: 1L-L-A I forgot about the Navigator is getting the 3.5tt and power numbers increased ... soon the Trucks and Expedition will get these new numbers in late 2015 380hp/460/lbs . the 2015 3.5tt is a tick faster with the weight savings than the GM6.2 now. wonder what 15hp/40lbs more will do johnny doe ? 460/lbs at 2750/rpm damn .... gm 6.2 460/lbs at 4100/rpm
@ AD fords little 5.0 has been doing that since 2011 with a SC...
@ Hemi V8 lol to funny ....
WXman I think all 3 manufactures have shoddy quality don't you think ?
wow look at all these recalls hmmmm
WXMAN ram never has shoddy vehicles ever .... GAS TANK FIRE RISK HMMMMMMM ... couldn't be HEMI V8 ?
@ WXman really ?
V8 your LAUGHABLE ... HEMI MPG / PAYLOAD / TOWING is a JOKE ... real world exp. I work for BNSF . so I get to drive all 3 Brands . by far Ram is a JOKE ..... you come off to me as a billboard for FIAT . even TRX DOUCHBAG ..
Your so Laughable V8 such a douchebag .... Funny how we have a few of your so called great RAM trucks 1500/2500 at work and NONE I mean NONE come close to being capable of what RAM Promotes in there commercials . not saying RAM is a POS . but having hands on Experience tells me BS RAM .... I can post many Fiat products BURNING ......
TRX-4 Douchebag . To FUNNY EXTREME HEAT huh ? hemi jackass Stability control don't work wtf ? and they keep building them ?
2.7 million hemi JACKASS
I can keep going hemi JACKASS.... lmao