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Just an observation here -- I work in jewelry arts. Perhaps this is some perspective: Get a second opinion before you invest in one 'solution.' Kay Jewelers is one of the biggest ripoff chains in the industry. Their telling you that a ring is 'on the verge of collapse' is absolute bull. In all the years I've repaired jewelry, I have NEVER have come upon a ring that suddenly looked like it was going to magically cave in upon itself. I mean, this is a good one, I'm going to share it with some colleagues! They wanted to sell you a small diamond (which you did probably need) but also add a huge bill of goods for 'servicing' your 'near-collapse' ring. Next time you do something like this, definitely get a second opinion from a PRIVATE jeweler. Shop around for solutions in your life. You may find one that is just as good, or even a better fit, and probably for less money than Kay snowed you for. Good luck to you in your marriage and jewelry journey!
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Jun 25, 2012