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Why am i D?? WTF this is halftroll Anyways. The F-35's cost around 130mil or so at the moment. And they cost that much because somewhere to 3,000 are going to be produced. The F-22 had 180 built....If a mear 400 had been built the cost would have been around 120mil or so. Whats more the A model the simplest is also the cheapest. So the others are expected to run around 180mil or about the same as the F-22 was at its low number production...even though more would be bought. Whats more neither other model is ready. Also the A is going to go up as already they are fixing it with a extra 6mil to fix defects.
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There are alot of problems with the F-35. Truth is the aircraft still isnt combat ready. The A model is the closest....and atm has a price tag of something like 160mil fly away. B is the most expensive but also the one aircraft with absolutly NO backup. However it may be the farthest out. And with a price tag of over 220mil per aircraft the most expensive fighter in history. C The ugly ducking. She dont work. They cant land them on carriers because some idiot thought placing the arrestor hook in the middle of the plane was a good it cant land redesign is on going. ALL in all what is really plaguing the Cost. You can buy almost 4 super hornets for the price of a single F-35C. Whats more that cost depends on ALL of the planes getting made if someone opts out.....they become more expensive. Also the much touted stealth is becoming endangered. The Secret to beating stealth tech is ALOT of power in a good radar Anti air missile destroyers and cruisers use. And/or A mix of the old and new radar technology. When that is added everything shows up like the sun. All of this dismisses the fact that you can spoof the F-35, F-22 etc radar with EW equipment. But hey if we can afford what is it now over 380,000,000,000 dollars for 3,000 or so jets never mind the new aircraft carriers, Ft III Burkes, Worthless LCS, etc......
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Jul 12, 2012