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Pickin Grinnin
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I have an ebook reader and use it, but most of the books I enjoy are not available in any e-format. For those that are, though, I compare the current ebook price to the cost of the cheapest used copy I can find. In general, the less expensive format wins. If that is a print version, I get the added bonus of selling it back after I have read it. When it comes to fiction, there is nothing that I feel I HAVE to read. If I don't like the price or the format selection, I simply don't buy it. In the case of non-fiction, I purchase used print copies that relate to my research. I will do the same when there is only one book on the topic, but that is rare. Everything else is subject to the same rules as fiction - whatever format is cheapest at the time wins. I can (and do) wait for years to get copies of certain books that I feel are overpriced. There are very few books or ebooks that I feel the need to get immediately. If there is one I need to read within a certain time period (certain research-oriented books), I simply get them through interlibrary loan, for free.
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Jul 25, 2012