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I'm messing with something like this on a Kinesis which I'm running in the Maltron layout, so where Jesse has Esc/Backspace, I have E/Tab, BLUE_L was TAB, and BLUE_R was Return. I'm finding that the best approach to remapping my fingers is to use a smart key remapper to treat BLUE+key as the blueshifted layer, but to treat a blue shift by itself as return. Once I've worked out how to convince this remapper to give me BLUE_L and BLUE_R, I'll map BLUE_L by itself to tab. Otherwise, a very nice layout. I've nicked the right hand home row for `=()' rather than arrows - I'm very happy with the arrows as an inverted T of (in Jesse's QWERTY based layout) ESDF rather than WASD, but otherwise my left hand is very similar to Jesse's, just shifted slightly to the right.
I wasn't apologising for doing it in Emacs. I was apologising for doing it in Emacs almost ENTIRELY UNSCRIPTED. Next time I do anything like that I'm going to have Emacs scripted up the wazoo a la Damian and pif. But with Emacs, not vi, obviously. Plus: Damn! You did an omakase and I missed it? Then again, that would be Friday night and I wouldn't have been able to make it anyway. Next year.
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Aug 2, 2012