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Hi Kate I'm swimming through Amazon tonight trying to find a book. To explain gender. To my 2-yr-old. My BFF and I are both transgendered - she more radically so than I (my daughter will have questions about my friend's body some day), whereas I'm generally not readable as the in-between person I am. The books about what makes a boy a boy, and a girl a girl, are problematic. They say, unequivocally, that every baby is either a boy or a girl. That all girls have a vagina, all boys have a penis. This seems simple enough for a 2-yr-old. Entrancing, really. A lovely simple world. But I feel uncomfortable reading these to her... and sad that there's no alternative way to tell the story. I hesitate to make up my own words, not wanting her to get confused as she establishes initial footing... So I thought of you. Your next book, Kate. There are many intersex and quietly transgendered toddlers out there looking for a different way to hear the story. There are non-binary parents needing a way to tell it. Will you write it for us? Emily
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Aug 14, 2012