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Thank you for this wonderful, thoughtful post on a fascinating man I just discovered over at an Electric Universe forum, ( and so far I have only read his Wikipedia page (which is very good). I have often felt alone in my criticism of the new tyranny of science in our enlightened world, and as you have found, the most closed minded people I meet are scientists! So much to say on this massive issue...but can you recommend any good games for a 10 yr old (my son) that don't overemphasize cruelty, murder and control? I limit his screen time- is he just way too young for serious gaming? What are your favorite games (having read just this one post on your blog) I'm off now to read more. Dig the Electric Universe guys at REALLY fascinating cutting-edge science that embraces mythology to some extent. Totally exposes entrenched "religious" beliefs of establishment cosmologists and geologists and astronomers. Good movie here: It's an Electric Universe (much more than a gravitational one) peace!
Toggle Commented Jul 24, 2012 on Farewell to Reason at Only a Game
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Jul 23, 2012