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Glogirly and Katie
GLOGIRLY-Tails Of A Cat And Her Girl
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This is the most amazing rescue story of 2013. I'm finding it just a little hard to see my computer screen through my tears. Thank you Lisa, for sharing this story and thank you Eldad for the lives you've saved. Bless you. ~Glogirly
Oh my COD!!! That's Katie & her pleather cape! : ) Thank you for all the great ideas!!!
Dear Kiril & Elvira, We're so very sorry for the loss of your dear Nikita. We're sending you are very best purr & prayers to comfort your hurting hearts. love, Glogirly, Katie & Waffles
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I SO want to get a photo of my kitties looking like Meer Cats! The camera is just never ready when I need it! ....hey Miss Pet Blog Lady! We're going to actually meet in the fur soon! ; ) GG
Awwww... that's Baby Waffles' photo!!! Squeee! Will bloggers outside of the US be eligible for prizes? ...and, is there an easy way to invite pet bloggers from overseas to join the community? thanx!
Given the funny entertainment nature of my blog, I don't go near anything controversial. In fact, I won't even review food (except for treats.) I never knew how heated the conversation can get when what you feed your cat becomes the topic. Besides, there's just no way to review food and be true to the personality of my blog. The only controversial "bullying" I've encountered was when I photographed my cat wearing some of the clothes from the Bret Michaels collection from PetSmart and shared it on Facebook. A couple of very negative & judgmental comments appeared, but I just left them alone. Those that know me and know my cats came to my defense. Still, that incident has influenced me and I now shy away from those sorts of photos. I've only banned 1 or 2 people from either my Facebook page or blog for leaving inappropriate comments. was usually something completely unrelated to my post or status update. They were just trying to get their cause, opinion and link out there.
AWESOME!!! Absolutely LOVE the armor. haha!!! Thanks for the plug! xoxo
So sorry to hear NIkita has been ill...but very happy to read that he is eating and doing better. Baby food can be a Godsend! I had to use that with Katie after her emergency surgery a few years ago. (The ribbon incident) (((purrs))) Glogirly
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I am SO excited to meet Caren in-the-fur! The Newbies group has been incredibly helpful for me. Last year was my first BlogPaws, this year my second and I still feel the Newbie Jitters! Caren - thank you so much for all of the passion, enthusiasm and dedication you've put into the Newbies group. You've make a HUGE difference for SO many of us! : ) Glogirly
YAY!!! We're so thrilled you've loving the new look! We had a great time working on it for you. : ) Thank you so very much for all the kind words about us too. Very excited for you! : ) Katie & Glogirly
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We are honored and humbled to be recognized by the judges, our readers and friends. Good luck to ALL of our fellow finalists. See you @BlogPaws! : ) Glogirly, Katie & Waffles Too
I'm really looking forward to this presentation and topic. I think it's something that so many bloggers, ME included, struggle with. : )
I always read my posts out loud a few times. Since I write everything in the voice of my sarcastic kitty, it helps me to "hear" whether I've got the voice right. And I really think she enjoys me reading it to her. ; ) ~Glogirly
I always learn something new in the comments. Coconut oil, mustard and spiders. Would have never known. ; ) HA!
So happy to see the Nose-to-Nose Awards back this year! Question regarding nominating: Can I nominate a blogger in more than one category? Thank you! Glogirly & Katie
If there were an IQ test for kittens, I'm certain Waffles Too would FAIL. He's convinced his name is 'No.' ; ) Katie
MOL!!! Glogirly's got a long wait before me and Waffles Too play TOGETHER with ANYTHING! HAHA! ; ) Katie
@Laura The best way to get people to visit your blog is by visiting other like-minded blogs and commenting. Make yourself part of that community. Many of us happily reciprocate. There are lots of blogging platforms our there...many free ones. Although Blogger doesn't have the bells and whistles of some of the others, it is probably one of the easiest. Just create and account and follow the prompts to create a blog. Look at lots of others to get an idea of what you like and don't like...that will help you set yours up. Good luck! : )
I've tried a number of different kinds of posts. I've done some "design" how-to's, but most have turned out to be too complicated. I've asked my readers on a few occasions and their comments are consistent with my numbers - Funny quips from my cats and great photos and graphics. I know that I need to work on headlines...I try to be clever, but I need to think a little bit more about immediate appeal and attraction. : )
1. How many blogs do you have at present? One 2. Would you classify your blog as a small business, a place to share pet info and stories, a little bit of both, or neither? Both. The blog itself is a fun hobby. I also provide design services to the pet blogging community. 3. How many times a week do you post? Once a day. 4. If you could change one thing about your blog, what would it be? Expand my reach and secure a sponsorship. 5. What is the link(s) to your blog? GLOGIRLY- : )
I think a well-designed card that communicates your brand and blog personality is VERY important. Just one more thing to make you memorable. : )
If Subaru could figure out a way to make us kitties enjoy the ride, they'r REALLY have something! ; ) Katie Thanks so much for visiting our blog today! XO
Great post, Kimberly! Oh, there's so many more things I could be doing! But I've been trying to focus on the fun and not get too bogged down with the rest. Baby steps, I guess. My blog niche is quite saturated. Funny cat blogs for entertainment. So I've worked hard to create a personality for my blog and for Katie, the cat and voice of the blog. In everything I do, I try to stay true to that personality. The other thing I try to use to make my blog stand out is stellar photography and whimsical imagery. The images often BECOME the story. For me, publishing a blog post without cool imagery would be about as fun as a root canal. ; ) Glogirly
I agree with Caren on post timing. I try to post every night at midnight EST. The night owls and my overseas friend often visit before I get up. When I've run into trouble with my schedule and don't post until the next morning, I never have as much traffic. I haven't used hashtags in my posts or Facebook entries...just on Twitter. I don't do a lot of dedicated tweeting either. Facebook has become more and more fun. I don't ask many questions...I find that compelling photos generate more activity. I'm also finding a number of people who are very engaged and comment a lot are reading my blog, but going to Facebook to comment. I think it's helped build that audience quite a bit. It used to be that only those that commented on the blog knew Katie (my cat and the voice of the blog) so well, like she was part of their family. Now there are facebookers too that know every little thing about her and her antics. I love that it's so easy for me to comment back to them. : )Glogirly
As hard as it is to be funny some days...I always seem to find inspiration in my cats. I take hundreds of photos of them so when I'm stuck, I just start looking through them and something usually pops into my head. I also try to look at ordinary things that happen everyday from their point of view. When I personify them and keep true to their personalities, the giggles come. ; )