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Thanks for the link Lodger; pretty straight-shooting article.
Toggle Commented Sep 22, 2012 on Breaking away from the pack at Arctic Sea Ice
Thanks A4R. Considering the doubts one might have about the ability for any of the monitoring equipment to show a complete and accurate picture of sea ice, it is of great use to have such user friendly sites as yours, in order for one to compare and contrast data. Looking at data from different grids, maps, animations, etc., it is clear that what little ice is out there continues to diminish and deteriorate. Seeing the visuals on your site illustrates such trends quite clearly.
Toggle Commented Sep 16, 2012 on New site with new thickness maps at Arctic Sea Ice
Hi Werther, thanks for the Longfelow; Indeed, have "the ice-helmed... scattered their arms abroad"- excellent allegory,and highly apropos. Hi Lodger, thanks for sharing the link to Last Days on Earth; I watched the last three parts, and I found it quite interesting and relevant. Good to see that they mentioned ice melt specifically, including Greenland and WAIS.
Werther: Thanks for the info/update on Jakobshavn Isbrae. I've been following it myself from I find the activity this year to bee quite fascinating (never would have thought, even just ten years ago, that I would now be on the edge of my seat watching ice melt, and considering it to be of dire importance/urgency).
Hello Neven and Everyone, I am thoroughly enjoying the discussion and insights you are all sharing. Added resources that you are citing, such as Maslowski et al's paper, are quite helpful. I have been quite interested (translate: alarmed at times) in the activities going on in the Arctic for many years, yet I feel I am quite behind in my scientific understanding of the feedback/reinforcing systems in play. Thanks again, and please keep it up :) Brian
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