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20% is standard. changes to that are up to the level of great service, which can be 30% if the server is being awesome and perceptive of needs, really funny or kind to the table. Now, if I'm at a place where I'm a regular (or want to become one) that can vary wildly because the servers there are generally already awesome, remember drinks, etc. Then they often get a flat tip on drinks or dinner that can easily be 40% to 100% (100% is usually when I don't order much, but I get it quick when it's busy, etc.) I'm a professional chef though, so I appreciate the good servers when I meet them. It's pretty rare for me to get lousy service. I'm patient waaaaaaaaay up until a point in which someone has to prove themselves credibly stupid before I start deducting. If that happens, then sometimes I give the horrid tip and talk to the manager. Worked in too many places that let really shit for brains servers stay on too long and bring a place down.
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Aug 28, 2012