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I don't like Apple's practices, but I dislike opportunists more. First of all, the 5year exclusive contract has been common knowledge since launch. Second, which cave have they been in for all this while? If this was a genuine lawsuit, it should have been filed in 2007. And last of all, if you don't like the policy, there is a simple solution - decide whether you want the iphone more or whether you want to leave at&t more, and act accordingly. Boycott what you don't like. You can't have everything. I'm sick of people whining about everything they don't get. Screw the iphone, i choose not to have one either. What you are really proving by the lawsuit is how desperate you are to own one, not how dissatisfied you are with Apple. Besides, you can buy an iphone on several carriers now, so they really should be stating in their lawsuit exactly which carrier they are being deprived of. Or they should have sued in 2007.
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Oct 21, 2012