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Im not an economist, just a network engineer who is trying to teach himself a lot about markets and money.Yes, I plan for you all to belittle and trash me but while I still have the right to free speech ill say what Im feeling. My gut tells me the country will see a DEEP recession and we are on the cusp of going into one. Look at dividend payments on a whole over the last year, the trend is NOT good and very steep on the downside as well because companies have been hoarding cash so they can survive the next downturn. Company earnings have been really bad, just take a look at UPS’s last earning report, even McDonalds took a hit. That right there is cause for concern. The tanking markets are not a knee jerk reaction to the re-election of an anti-business big government socialist, although his re-election hasn’t helped people feel confident in the business world, unless you run an abortion clinic or union based shop. The chatter all over Wall St. is about the next recession…and its on its way regardless..
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Nov 9, 2012